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Australia Immigration Spouse Visa

A Guide For The Australia Immigration Spouse Visa Applicant

Getting married is an exciting event of life that is followed by many important documents, decisions and changes. This is especially true if you are in need of an Australia Immigration Spouse Visa but here is some guidance to lighten the anxiety during your transition.

Your initial Australia Immigration Spouse Visa will be a temporary one lasting for two years. At the end of two years, if you and your spouse are still in a binding relationship then you may apply and be accepted for your permanent visa.

To qualify for these services your spouse must be an Australian citizen, a permanent resident or a New Zealand citizen that has become eligible. Upon filling out the application you will be notified of the one-time charge for the process. This is currently costing partners $1420.00.

Upon acceptance into the temporary system you will be eligible to attend school, receive medical benefits and you will be permitted to work while you remain in Australia. While you are on a temporary status you will be unable to accept college funding from the government to study. If you wish to become a citizen of Australia, you can apply once you are placed on permanent status.

When you are officially husband and wife, you may go online and start filling out your Australia Immigration Spouse Visa application. It will give you a step by step, self explanatory guide on how to complete the application, what documents are required and where to submit your paperwork. If you have any questions there are contact numbers, email address and physical addresses for you to reach representatives at.

If at any time your situation changes during your temporary period, you must notify officials. Changes would include, but are not limited to, change of address, change of relationship status or problems arising from your stay in Australia.

As you can see, it's a simple process and you will have your Australia Immigration Spouse Visa in no time at all. So enjoy your new phase of life and know that your application will be less stressful now that you understand the easy steps to becoming a a permanent resident of Australia.

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Spouse Immigration | Spouse Imigration | Battered Spouse Immigration | K3 Visa Attorney | Australia Immigration Spouse Visa | H1b Spouse