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Here is a selection of videos about spouse immigration and issues related to spouse immigration ...

Overview of the Spouse Visa Process
This video details the step by step process of applying for a CR1 or IR1 spouse visa, which is also referred to as "consular processing" a spouse visa.
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The USA Spouse Visa Process - Fees, Documents and Timeframe

Read more about CR1 visa.

Canadian Airport Spouse Immigration
Questions that immigration officers in Canada could likely ask.
Read more about battered spouse immigration.

Overview of the Spouse Visa Process
Immigration for Couples : IR1 or CR1 spouse visas are a popular option for couples as they are the least complicated method for a foreign spouse to move to the USA.
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Spouse Immigrant Visa Questions Before Interview
This video covers the five most important spouse visa interview questions.
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UK Airport Spouse Interview Questions
This video is based on the researched questions from spouses who already entered the UK.
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Spouse Open Work Permit Applications at Canada Airport : questions and answers for immigration.

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UK Spouse or Partner Visa New Requirements

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Avoid These 5 Mistakes During Your Immigration Interview
This video explains the 5 mistakes to avoid during your immigration interview.
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Spouse Visa Requirements : How to Apply for CR1, IR1, K3 Spouse Visa to the USA.
To get a CR1 or IR1 spouse visa to allow your partner to enter and get permanent residency in the USA the sponsor and spouse need to meet the following requirements.
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Spouse Immigration Law - A Beginner's Guide

By Kip Goldhammer
The Spouses of UK citizens or permanent residents (is applicable to those who have an indefinite leave to remain) can be granted permission to come to the UK using the marriage visa category.

Inadmissibility and I-601 Waivers For Fiancees and Spouses Immigrating From Thailand to the USA

By Benjamin Hart
This article gives information about inadmissibility and waiver in the context of US Immigration. It specifically looks at these issues from the perspective of one looking to bring a Thai national to the USA.

How to Get Your Spouse to the US

By Tushar Mathur
For people who are already a citizen in the United States, for them there are primarily 2 ways to get their spouses to the United States to live with them. The first one would be to file an immigrant petition filing for an alien relative. This is done using the immigration petition form I-130.

How To Immigrate To Australia by Applying for an Australian De Facto Visa

By Barney Cousteau
If you're considering applying to immigrate to Australia because you're in a relationship with an Australian citizen, this information will serve you as an excellent outline of this process. Find here a concise and simple outline of the whole process, with helpful information and a simple step-bby-step process to follow.

Determining Eligibility for Immigration Benefits for Dependent Spouse or Partner: Same Sex Couples

By Orlando Ortega-Medina
Moving to a new country is one of life's biggest events. Whether one is relocating to take up a temporary work assignment, or permanently immigrating, one's spouse (or life partner) is normally essential to the equation and will often play a vital supporting role in the process. It is, therefore, essential to ensure in advance that the immigration laws of the country in question recognize this important individual as a proper "spouse" for immigration or visa purposes.

How to Immigrate Your Spouse to the United States

By Kip Goldhammer
The Spouses of UK citizens or permanent residents (is applicable to those who have an indefinite leave to remain) can be granted permission to come to the UK using the marriage visa category.

The Battered Spouse Petition

By Brian D. Lerner
The following categories of abused individuals can self-petition for a family-based visa: 1) non-citizens who were battered or subjected to extreme cruelty by their U.S. citizen or permanent resident spouse; 2) non-citizen spouses whose children were battered or subjected to extreme cruelty by the non-citizens' U.S. citizen or permanent resident spouse; and 3) non-citizen children who were battered or subjected to extreme cruelty by their U.S. citizen or permanent resident parent.

Family Based Immigration Visas

By James Witherspoon
The Immigration and Nationality Act includes provisions that dictate the number of immigrant visas that are given out each year. Under this Act, U.S. citizens and some legal permanent residents are allowed to sponsor their relatives to help them enter the United States more quickly than other applicants. The government sets preference categories and limits based on relationships between family members.

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