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Battered Spouse Immigration

Battered Spouse Immigration And Marriage

Non-immigrants couples who met within the last two years of the time they plan on getting married, can enter the United States marry and live permanently with a K1 fiancee visa. The only exception to this rule is when their customs or religion does not allow them to meet before marriage. Even though this is not a visa for immigrants, it will still allow the fiancee to meet these requirements.

An application to register for permanent residency must be filed after the marriage. The process for the K1 fiancee visa is not a long process. However, be aware that there have been some changes in immigration law and only a certain number of petitions can be made. It is equally important to understand that the petitioner cannot have any type of criminal background. Various types of visas must be applied for depending on the petitioner work status.

The normal time it takes to get approval for the K1 fiancée visa application is about eight months. That may seem like a long time but it's not. The embassy will do the contacting and schedule a date for the initial interview. The petitioner will have to go to an approved clinic and get a medical examination. Test for tuberculosis, HIV, syphilis and any other infectious disease will be administered. The authenticity of all documents will be thoroughly checked and confirmed by competent lawyers.

Immigration faces yet another issue among those that are already married. That is the Battered Spouse Immigration issue. They have to address the many fights and arguments and even physical abuse between immigrants and their spouses.

One of the main reasons for so much stress and complications is because many couples get married for the wrong reasons. Many marry without trying to get to know the person. Money is usually involved and for this reason, many people find themselves trapped in a very uncomfortable situation.

At the final interview, an adjudication officer will provide a notice to the couple informing them that they must file a joint petition to remove any conditions from their initial petition. Failure to file in a timely manner will result in termination of their resident status. Separation or divorce before the two year period, due to Battered Spouse Immigration issues, could make the situation worse.

A waiver costing a little over $200 must be submitted for the filing fee of waivers in event of divorce or separation due to Battered Spouse Immigration marriages that are not in good faith or the spouse and children have been the victims of abuse. Conditional residency for a period of two years will be granted to couples who file a petition to remove any conditions before the expiration to the second anniversary of their conditional residency.

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