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K3 Visa Attorney

K3 Visa Attorney - Finding A Qualified Immigration Lawyer

Since the beginning of April of 2001 a non-immigrant spouse visa called K3, has been in effect. The purpose of this type of visa is to bring foreign husbands and wife to the United States to live. Although this is not a permanent visa it is treated like a permanent visa.

Those that apply must still have proof of citizenship, termination of previous marriages, valid and up-to-date medical examination, passports and birth certificates. The process of applying for the K3 spouse visa is handled a lot faster if a K3 Visa Attorney is hired. Many things such as immigrant visa status, work permits, children and other issues can be handled much faster with a lawyer.

Although attorneys are not at all cheap, it is much better if one is hired if there is to be a positive outcome of the situation at hand. Note that all attorneys specialize in different legal situations, so it is imperative to get a good attorney who is well informed, reputable and qualified in immigration issues.

Much has changed over the years when it comes to hiring a K3 Visa Attorney. An in depth research on the subject of immigration laws will be told to those seeking to live permanently to the United States. It is kind of hard to keep up with the law without an attorney. All K3 spouse visa need will be accommodated and addressed with a good lawyer.

Many foreign families, who have already obtained citizenship, and wish to bring other family members into the United States, will be happy to know that they can see a K3 Visa Attorney and help their family to understand all the rules and ensure the regulations are followed.

The United States has been exposed to many threats and disasters but we are still the number one place of hospitality toward everyone else in the world. Again, there are some great benefits for acquiring the K-3 visa. First of all, the waiting period is now about six months. Once this status and waiting period is completed, there is another three months to go thru the consulate process. The card is actually good for three years.

Remember that k3 visas might not change status to another immigrant visa once they have arrived in the United States. They also can't enter in if they have been previously barred temporarily or have violated the immigration law. Also keep in mind that this information is very basic and there is much more to immigration than meets the eye. You are advised to seek advice from a qualified K3 visa attorney.

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